Diarmuid O'Connor

Too Into You

1 in 5 young women in Ireland have experienced physical or sexual violence. Together with Language studio, we created a series of videos for Too Into You – an initiative by Women’s Aid, to raise awareness of relationship abuse among young people and provide support.
The audience for these videos would be young people, primarily female, aged 18-25 and therefore would need to have a voice and style which would be engaging and help them see that this resource was ‘for them’. Each video focused on a different topic: the different forms of abuse and how they can manifest in relationships; the concept of ‘lovebombing’ and why it is a tactic of abuse; and abuse in marginalised communities (migrants, LGBTQ+ etc.).
While staying within the Too Into You brand, we expanded the look and feel so that this suite of videos could work as standalone, high quality resources that individuals would really want to watch – on YouTube, via social media, and at workshops and events run by Too Into You. These videos are part of the overall strategy for Too Into You – to make the topic of abuse in relationships accessible and relatable to a wide base of young people.


Creative Direction
Language Studio