Diarmuid O'Connor

Spread is Ireland’s zine for music, sex, and DIY culture. Publishing written and visual work from artists across Ireland and abroad, Spread is an independent space for subversive writing, art and conversation.

‘Anger’ was the theme of issue 3, and I was lucky enough to have my submission featured on the cover. The piece focused on the inherent anger in the act of vandalism.

The original image, taken from a 1950s French toothpaste advert, is 'defaced' using Tipp-Ex. The loose and unpredictable marks convey a recklessness, in some cases being literally spread across the page. It's something everyone has done, perhaps even unconsciously, vandalising school books or newspapers. Inflicting injury on an image acts as an outlet for the anger inside all of us.

Issue 3 was the first issue of Spread to be stocked in The Library Project, where it sold-out.