Diarmuid O'Connor
The Micheal

The Michael O’Connor Poster Collection is an eclectic gathering of international posters of historical and cultural significance. Comprising over 2,800 items, the collection was donated to Limerick City Gallery of Art by avid collector Michael O’Connor.

Limerick City Gallery of Art struggle with the space and cost demands of storing 2,800+ posters correctly. The lack of sufficient storage facilities combined with the delicate nature of the poster material means the collection is particularly susceptible to wear and tear. Plus, with such a vast number of posters, the collection in its entirety is impossible to exhibit. Essentially, this beautiful collection of posters remains hidden from view.

To address this, we created an app which would allow the public to access and engage with the entire collection.

When visiting the physical gallery there was a spontaneous joy in sifting through the posters, their wildly diverse styles and the tactility of their prints. We looked to translate this into the digital experinece. 

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